Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend wonder.

What a weekend!

Friday night we had an emergency trip to the vets with one of the Luck Dragons, Miss Maisie Mouse. The other half and I discovered a big hole in Maisie's tail, which after a little shave of the tail by the vet we discovered was a nasty puncture wound from another cat. My poor Miss Mouse was such a brave cat for the vet and is now carrying around an hilarious pom-pom for a tail. I will post a photo as soon as I can get the pom-pom puss to sit still long enough!
I have a sneaking suspicion that Maisie is quite enjoying the special attention of being fed his anti-biotics and having his tail bathed.

And as a footnote, yes, Miss Maisie Mouse is a 'he'! It was only discovered 'she' was a 'he' when two little furry grapes started growing out from behind my little cat!!

Saturday I tended to the cat, and finished off a piece of paper art I had been working on. I sliced up an old Nylon magazine (trash anyway) and glued it to a canvas. I dont love the finished product to be honest, but it has definitely fuelled my ideas for some more paper art.

Saturday evening some dear friends came for dinner, I cooked up and Indian storm and we ate, drank, talked and laughed. Its been a long time since I have had friends over for a meal, I just love cooking for people, so I had the best time. It was so relaxed and definitely rejuvenated my soul!

We wandered to Karova, after we had run out of beer and wine for some more drinks and dancing. And the most exciting thing happened.....I spied a face I recognised. I pondered on it for a bit and realised it was the very lovely Steph from The Doily. With my several cans of courage in my belly I chatted with Steph (feeling very much like a creepy stalker, it must be said) and she is as warm, funny and sweet as her wonderful blog. I was terribly starstruck!!
We chatted about her blog, and shared a little secret about her crafty future.......which is an amazing, exciting, wonderful, clever little plan she's cooking up. I'm terribly excited she shared it, and I'm passing on my best vibes for all the success in the world for her.
Go Steph, Go!

Today has been a lovely day. A sleep in, plenty of Indian leftovers (even better the day after), an Audrey Hepburn doco and catching up on Facebook with a very dear old friend who I lost contact with about 15 years ago.

What a funny, wonderful weekend...