Friday, May 28, 2010

Pass the panadol!

Well the blogging has fallen by the wayside again due to health issues. Plenty happening, thankfully all of it fixable and all of it my issues and not Hobbit's. I thank God, Buddha, my lucky stars and whatever else daily that none of this is affecting him.
I hate talking health, at the risk of sounding like a complainer, but bugger it, it's actually pretty funny:
I've had a little of this, a sprinkling of these, a touch of this, and a liberal sprinkling of this, daily bouts of this little gem, a torn one of these, 3 run ins with this old friend and of course my old companion.

Dont get me wrong, I'm definitely not complaining, I love being pregnant. Being able to carry my own child is the biggest privilege I've had, especially considering how many women I know that don't have the opportunity.
Master Hobbit is definitely my best creation, crafty or otherwise!
(And reeling off my list of health issues makes for hilarious conversation and a great excuse to sit around in my jammies drinking chocolate milk!)

Promise, if there's anyone left reading these sporadic posts, I'll try harder to write more regularly.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder..

The reason for my extended absence from blogging..........
Much has happened since my last blog, as you can see, but where to begin.......?
The spaceprawn in my stomach has been dubbed, with the utmost of affection, the Hobbit. Hobbit's health appears particularly good, while for the last few months mine has been increasingly....curious. Putting it rather nicely. Hence my extended absence not just from the blogworld but the real world also. Things are slowly returning to normal, morning sickness has been banished to the morning only, emergency trips to health professionals has ceased, work has resumed and I am able to return to the simple pleasures in my life: this morning eating a packet of hot cross buns (oh dear), sipping a cuppa and catching up on everything I've missed in blogworld.
In the mix I have since had a birthday (26!!), my darling niece had her first birthday and Naming Ceremony, The Other Half's darling niece had her second birthday. The new Thaw came out (with another natty little article by Yours Truly), and sadly World Sweet World announced they were to be no more due to Thomas and Hannah's own impending package from the Stork. And probably more excitingly (just kidding!) 4 new teapots have joined the collection. Whacko!
And now there is now 3 gloriously empty days stretching out in front of me....I have a stack of fresh newspapers sitting next to me waiting to be perused; a loverly assortment of easter eggs awaiting nibbling; an excellent care package of cd's and dvd's from the fabulous Sophie to be finished; the sun is shining and the Other Half is happily tinkering away outside on a, er......something-or-other; the moggies are snoozing happily on the couch next to me, and being the once a year Catholic I am, my first attempt at cooking Barramundi yesterday was a success. To top it off, I just found a ballet program on SBS!
Hope your Easter weekend is egg-cellent!

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 with a bang!

Its been so long since I last did a post. I have wonderful pictures and stories to share from Christmas and New Year, as well as my resolutions and plans for 2010....
Something entirely huge and enexpected has happened to overshadow all and sundry. Once I've processed it I'll be back blogging my little heart out and sharing all the exitement..

Until then, I'm going for a Bex and a lie down. Maybe a cup of tea......