Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh dear. I've gone well with the blogging, haven't I?

Recently I have been so much more inspired to start blogging properly, after interviewing the lovely Beck from Dandelion for the next issue of Thaw, and becoming more than a little fascinated with her blog.

I'm over the whole Facebook-ing, Tweet-ing thing. I just want to write stuff, have a little rave, without sounding like a precocious tween, or it sounding like a load of bollocks.
As soon as I work out how to pretty this darn thing up, I'll do that too!

And my little rave on shall start now.....
I had a crappy day at work. Working in a call centre is not good for the soul. BUT... now I'm home, working on my next article for Thaw, sitting with a beer that the lovely other half has fetched me, listening to him potter around outside in the warm evening and having the Falcor look alikes clamouring over who gets to sit on my lap......... I remember its just a job. I do my best at work, and then I get to come home to this. I'm a lucky girl.

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