Saturday, December 5, 2009

List Making

The other half often laughs about my obsessive list making. I rather enjoy compiling the odd list or two-mostly because I have a shocking memory! I often come across some of the old lists I've compiled, upon the most random of topics, and today was one of those times. I was going through a box of my old art supplies looking for some brushes when I happened upon an old envelope I had thoughtfully (?) tucked inside an old drawing book of my dad's. It was "Things I am greatful for," with a respelendant pencil sketch alongside of a dreadlocked girl riding a skateboard. Judging by this, I'd put my 'greatful-ness' list circa 1998.....

Things I am Greatful for:
Kate, Bec and Megan
Triple J
My drums
My Family

A scary journey into my teen mind. It got me thinking about what I'm greatful for, circa 2009. And what other lists I should make for myself....


The Other Half and I went on our first date to the movies tonight. We saw a truly jump-out-of your-seat-scary movie Paranormal Activity. I highly recommend going and seeing it on the big screen, for no other reason than to scare yourself stupid and to laugh at your dearly beloved jumping out of their seat and spilling the popcorn.
I laugh now as I sit here writing this, but I'm definitely sleeping with the light on tonight.................

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