Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More ranting. I rant well. Do what you're good at, I say!

So everyone keeps commenting "I didn't know you had a blog," etc etc.
For y'all information, I kept it very quiet for a reason.
Because I'm too LAZY to make it PRETTY like everyone else's, and because I RANT like a MADWOMAN a majority of the time and was suffering terrible GUILT at spewing forth such a CRAP blog on the world.
Oh and because it was supposed to be a craft blog, but I haven't actually crafted in a long while. And as a result, have nothing crafty to blog about.
(My aborted mission several weeks ago to turn my aunts precious vintage frock, which no longer fits my inexplicably expanding waistline, into a skirt does not count. The miserable failure saw me destroy the dress in its entirety. I am still sulking and my sewing machine is now safely stowed in the cupboard, so I dont destroy any more precious heirlooms.)

But now I'm feeling much more comfortable in my mediocrity and have thus decided to end my self-exile and start becoming a card carrying member of blogworld. Pretty blog or not, Half-job Sarah is going to give it a fair go!!

(Please can nobody enlighten the Thaw team that I'm such a horses ass at sewing. My position as 'crafty lady' might be revoked. Rightly so, and exactly what I deserve after destroying a genuine 1960's dress that met Bob Marley on the tube in London. Sob.)

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  1. Your so busted! Thankfully Thaw is now all craft, just one of many element that represent our creative community. You write good. I'd be stoked with that skill.

    I think I might make my blog less pretty and actually focus on better content! ;-)

    sob for the dress.